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Scheduling Posts on your Class Blog

Because your class blog is linked from your school's site this will often be how visitors locate your learners' individual blogs. We recommend adding a blog roll  of your learners' blogs is displayed on your class blog. Ask your facilitator to help set this up, takes <5min

If your learners are actively sharing on their own blogs, use their posts to keep your class blog refreshed ... even if it is only one post a week!

Scheduling learners' posts to the class blog.mp4

In classes where learners do not have individual blogs the class blog is a  powerful platform for sharing and connecting with an authentic audience.

The Manaiakalani Schools in Tāmaki have shared how they have connected with whānau to encourage and support blog commenting. 

Visit our Cybersmart site to read more and contact your facilitator for support.

March Toolkit with Dorothy includes updates post our edublogs staff meetings in February.

T1 2022 - Edublogs Overview - Dorothy Burt

edublogs Tips and Recommendations: Add this copy to your Drive as we will be updating regularly

edublog: Getting Started + Tips
Blogging 2022: Moving on as an organisation

The teacher will have three tasks to complete BEFORE the learner logs into their blog

I am a Year x learner at xxx School in Auckland, NZ. I am in Room 3 and my teacher is xxx 

Student Presentation Setting up Edublogs

Smart Footprint

In the first week/s support learners to create and share an About Me profile blog post. This will feature in the top right sidebar.

Empower learners who have been sharing on their blog to reconnect with their digital footprint and their responsibility to create and nurture a positive online presence they and their whānau, can be proud of. 

Consider how you can harness existing blog posts (class and individual) to connect learners with the elements of creating a Smart Footprint. Our learners  have a rich history of sharing online ... we don't need to make stuff up! 

While there are examples on the cybersmart site that can act as a springboard to repurpose/design lessons, include ideas/contexts that are personalised and inclusive and also take into account your learners.

Link profile to widget

Once the learner has posted their profile the teacher, as admin of the learner's blog, will link this post and profile picture in the 

About Me | Ko Wai Ahau widget in the top right sidebar - see screencast right.

Tip: Add media first then paste link to the blog post

Updating About me with Photo - Edublogs.mp4
Viewing Students Edublogs - Reader, My Sites.webm

This is a really handy tip shared by Vicki from DFI. Use the edublogs reader to  navigate, read and comment on  all your learners' blogs within the edublogs reader.