Manaiakalani School Leaders

The School Leaders' Professional Learning Group is designed for the Leaders in each school to come together and share strategies and direction as we engage with The Manaiakalani Programme pedagogy and kaupapa.

This is the person (people) who leads the implementation, direction and embedding of The Manaiakalani Programme in your school. This person may be your curriculum leader, heads of departments or a member of the SMT.  It is not your IT leader. Most schools may have more than one attend.

The Manaiakalani Programme: We know for learning to accelerate our learners need access. They can’t be constrained by the 9-3 for access to learning. New tools for learning = new pedagogy to support learning outside of school.

All schools are now being challenged to consider -  “What happens when we need to think about learners/teachers and the learning/teaching independent of the location/place? How do we make participation in learning accessible when not determined by physical location”  (Derek Wenmoth, 2022)

School Leaders PLG Term 1 2020: Ubiquitous
Manaiakalani Staff Meeting: Term 1 2022 Ubiquitous Learning is Rewindable