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Track the recommendations and resources shared during our past PLGs. This document includes links and recommendations that support our Manaiakalani Kāhui Ako Inquiry Process (WFR)

Our Manaiakalani Kāhui Ako: An Inquiry Process (Dr Aaron Wilson, Dr Rebecca Jesson). Our PLGs are an opportunity to connect and support each other model an exemplary Teaching as Inquiry cycle and share on your blog.

One of the goals is to share your intervention and the impact in a way that is replicable by others (Dr Rebecca Jesson).

In Term 2 you will be developing your hypotheses and designing your intervention.

This process is strengthened in part by your confidence to select and harness the research literature effectively in the design of your intervention.

Taking this into consideration we want to harness our PLG to better support you in this process.

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Research and Readings Available Online

BES iterations draw together, explain and illustrates evidence about what works to improve education outcomes. 

This feature highlights the approach taken by a non-Pacific teacher to learning from Pacific expertise in education. Year 8 teacher, David Ahlquist, demonstrates with humility in his learning journey … 

In this best evidence in action video feature, Dr Jodie Hunter demonstrates mathematics teaching that activates educationally powerful connections for Pacific learners. 

Implementation for impact & enduring, reciprocal high trust relationships between families, whānau & schools

Emerging evidence of the impact of the Christchurch earthquakes on young children. 

This report details findings from the online COVID-19 Wellbeing Survey delivered in May 2020, This survey was completed by 2,421 children aged 10–11 years who are a part of theGrowing Up in New Zealand longitudinal study. 

This report presents findings on:

From Sheena Cameron -research article on teaching reading comprehension strategies in the early years of school.

This paper investigates the development of reading and mathematics in a longitudinal sample of N = 355,883 students from the UK aged 5 to 12 (49% girls). The results suggest a positive relation between the development of the two domains. In addition, a statistically significant positive association between prior reading scores and subsequent changes in achievement in mathematics was found, whereas changes in reading were substantially smaller for students with a higher prior performance in mathematics.