Google Sites for 

Visible Teaching and Learning

The aim of these sessions is to support you to create a Google site where learning is visible and accessible to start the term. Through a combination of in class support, Toolkits and guidance from your school, you will be supported to personalise and develop your site as you build confidence. Toolkit dates will be posted on the Manaiakalani calendar

2019 Google Sites for Visible Teaching and Learning

Please login to Google Chrome and your school Google Account. If you are accessing more than one Google Account (e.g. school + @gmail) learn how to use multiple Google accounts >>> Blog Post with Screencast

Screencasts are also embedded in the Google slide deck accompanied by support notes and further resources. Click the playlist icon (top left)  to select an individual video.

Includes help videos for Google Sites

This site brings together pedagogy, processes and procedures that we have identified best support the goals of Manaiakalani and contribute to enabling our schools to improve learning outcomes for our young people. We have developed this site to support Learn, Create, Share pedagogy in 1:1 iPad Junior classrooms. It is not designed for learning spaces where iPads are shared.