Manaiakalani Staff Meetings 2021

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Term 3:

Connected Learners Share

The Manaiakalani pedagogy and kaupapa has harnessed the instinct to share and make connections with fellow human beings in a purposeful way to support academic success of our young people as well as in the important areas of citizenship and well being.

Manaiakalani Staff Meeting 2021

This year we are harnessing the affordances of technology and our network of connected learning communities across New Zealand. Teachers (including principals and other educators on staff) are invited to to register for one of two facilitated online sessions in Google Meet.

  • Monday 16th August 3:30pm -4:30pm

  • Wednesday 18th August 3:30pm -4:30pm

Small groups will be formed in response to curriculum level and Teaching as Inquiry topics. This is an opportunity to connect and share strategies with educators who have been focussing on similar achievement challenges.

Term 3 Share Staff Meeting Team Slides

We value your feedback. The form link is below, ngā mihi nui.

Because we believe SHARING I TOHATOHA is fundamentally about people making connections, Karen Ferguson designed this image for us to represent the valued elements of sharing in the world we live in. The quadrants represent WHO we are sharing with, and the familiar words around the outside represent the approach the Manaiakalani programme has taken over a decade or more to elevate the positive when we share online.

In 2019 Educators in the Manaiakalani community of learning were invited to contribute as we explored what Share looks like in the digital age. We also took time to identify and consider the impact Share/Tohatoha has on academic outcomes.

The following documents from our 2019 Staff Meeting are worth reviewing.

Term 2: Creativity Empowers Learners

Manaiakalani Create Staff meeting Term 2 2021

For Manaiakalani Create/Hanga is built on engagement and empowerment, specifically to meet that foundation goal of the Manaiakalani programme, written back in 2006 to “Motivate our learners to ENGAGE with the curriculum"

In 2018 educators in our Kāhui Ako and Outreach were invited to contribute as we explored CREATE in the digital age. Our Create graphic was designed as a result of this collaboration.

Term 1: Ubiquitous Learning is Rewindable