Manaiakalani Cluster Staff Meetings 2024

Each term the Manaiakalani Kahui Ako hosts staff meetings as an opportunity for our people to continue to connect with our Kaupapa and Pedagogy. Often these staff meetings are led in individual schools and sometimes all our schools come together. 

Term 2: Hanga - Create 

2024 Manaiakalani Cluster Staff Meeting: Digital Technologies Empower Creativity

Create - Hanga is the Hook… and today we are focussing our attention specifically on how Digital Technologies Empower Creativity. 

For all our schools empowering our young people, of all ages, to be creative has been significantly enriched by the intentional use of modern technologies. The Manaiakalani Programme recognises that digital technologies enable us ALL to create in new ways.

We are confident the digital create workshops today will provide us with time and opportunity to learn through creating as we continue to remind ourselves that Create does not have to take hours… when planned for effectively and supported by deliberate acts of teaching, creating with digital technologies can be a short and powerful experience.

For The Manaiakalani Programme Create - Hanga is built on engagement and empowerment, specifically to meet that foundation goal of The Manaiakalani Programme, written back in 2006 to “Motivate our learners to ENGAGE with the curriculum"

Our graphic represents the raft of digital create opportunities that engage young people today

Create in the Manaiakalani Programme

Each year we revisit the Manaiakalani pedagogical framework of Ako Hanga Tohatoha, and every year, in term two, we focus on Create - Hanga

When we talk about Create, the symbolism in our logo and our name - the hook of heaven or Manaiakalani is at the forefront of our minds.

Term 1: Ako - Learn 

Learn \ Ako Manaiakalani Cluster Staffmeeting Term 1 2024

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This form is shared with our cluster and we will use the feedback to potentially offer Toolkits either online or Face2Face. 

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 12th - 13th - 14th March 2024