Manaiakalani Staff Meetings

Each term the Manaiakalani Kahui Ako hosts staff meetings as an opportunity for our people to continue to connect with our Kaupapa and Pedagogy. Often these staff meetings are led in individual schools. In Term 3 this year all our schools will come together for a cluster staff meeting.

Term 1: Learn/Ako - Ubiquitous Learning is Rewindable

Term 2: Hanga/Create - Creativity Empowers Learning

Term 3: Share/Tohatoha - Connected Learners Share

Term 4: Ako Hanga Tohatoha

Term 2: Creativity Empowers Learners

Manaiakalani Create Staff meeting Term 2 2021

For Manaiakalani Create/Hanga is built on engagement and empowerment, specifically to meet that foundation goal of the Manaiakalani programme, written back in 2006 to “Motivate our learners to ENGAGE with the curriculum"

In 2018 educators in our Kāhui Ako and Outreach were invited to contribute as we explored CREATE in the digital age. Our Create graphic was designed as a result of this collaboration.

Term 1: Ubiquitous Learning is Rewindable