Manaiakalani Cluster Staff Meetings 2023

Each term the Manaiakalani Kahui Ako hosts staff meetings as an opportunity for our people to continue to connect with our Kaupapa and Pedagogy. Often these staff meetings are led in individual schools and sometimes all our schools come together. 

Term 4 : Cybersmart

Term 4 Staff Meetings 2023 MG

Harnessing the affordances of technology and our network of connected learning communities across Aotearoa, you are invited to register for ONE of two facilitated online sessions in Google Meet.

Small groups will be formed in response to curriculum level and Teaching as Inquiry topics. This is an opportunity to connect and share strategies with educators who have been focussing on similar achievement challenges. 

This session is designed to be conversational... No screen sharing or presentations and Meets will not be recorded.

Participant Feedback from 2022

"Huge thanks to you & your team.  One of the best workshops I've sat in for culturally responsive practice"

" Our facilitator did a fabulous job...welcoming, friendly and funny...kept us on task, covered all the questions and included everyone in a kind way."

"The Share Staff Meeting was a definite highlight of my week"

"Our facilitator was kind and inclusive and thoughtful. It was a worthwhile experience..."

Teaching as Inquiry is about powerful learning for you as teacher in order to improve classroom practice. Inquiry encourages questioning, exploration and experimentation in your practice. It helps you to make revisions to your teaching that lead to new insights into your practice and your students, and results in specific gains for studentsProfessor Graeme Aitken (June, 2018)

Term 2 : Hanga - Create

This year our Create Staff Meeting was included with our Cluster's Teacher Only Day on Friday June 2. Photos and presenters' resources are linked below.

Creativity Empowers Learning

Create Staff Meeting 2023

Term 1: Ako - Learn 

TMP Learn \ Ako Manaiakalani Cluster Staffmeeting Term 1 2023




Effective Practice

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